Do we lose our data, if the vessel telecommunications connectivity breaks?

No.  Dolphin Fuel Logging System has a storage capacity to save data for more than 6 months after the acquisition.

How many users within a Shipping Company can use Dolphin Fuel Logging System?

Everyone inside the company can be registered as a user and operate the system based on their specific needs. However, a level of authority can be implemented if needed to restrict users’ access.

Can Dolphin Fuel Logging System provide customized reports for my vessels?

Customized Reports, addressing the specific requirements and procedures of any shipping company are always possible to be easily prepared and scheduled. The user can define the settings that must be met in order to receive alert & reports (for example, when the speed is above a limit or when there is a deviation from the reference lines)

What type of notifications can I get from Dolphin Fuel Logging User Interface?

  • The investigation of an abnormal vessel’s operation behavior
  • The alert regarding an abnormal vessel’s operation behavior
  • The alert regarding the influence of an external factor in the vessel’s operation
  • The notification regarding the change of the vessel’s operation
  • The monitoring of vessel’s operations
  • The analysis of vessel’s operations
  • The optimization of vessel operations and performance

Is the Dolphin Fuel Logging System Tamper Proof?

There is a tamper proof version and this type of installation is faced case by case.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology where computing devices have the ability to transfer data over several networks without a human-to-computer interaction.

Is there any monthly fee for Dolphin Fuel Logging System?

There is an annual fee per vessel that provides all the aforementioned benefits of data handling and system updates.

What about the access to my data and its archive?

You can access your data from anywhere in the world using your credentials (username & password). Any access is secured as per ISO27001:2005 standards. The standard archive of your data is 5 years and can be extended upon your request.

What about Dolphin Fuel Logging System data transmission from vessel?

The system operates on IoT protocols and technology. Data transmission is real time upon proper satellite connection and data traffic can be as low as 2MB per day. Data is safely stored on an onshore server (ISO27001:2005 Data Center).