Dolphin Fuel Logging & Vessel Performance

Unlimited Industrial Reports

Generate as many customizable, dynamic reports as you need with Ignition Reporting by Inductive Automation: the most powerful software solution for industrial reporting on the market. With Dolphin Monitoring application, you can easily pull together all your data and create any kind of industrial report with ease. With powerful tools for visualization and more, create reports in any major format and automatically deliver them to anyone.

Benefits of Using Dolphin Monitoring Solution

Unlimited Licensing:

Unlimited reports, clients, and tags

Universal Platform:

Reporting, alarming, and more on one platform

Built on Trusted IT Standards:

SQL, Java, Python, OPC UA

Web-Based Deployment:

Web-launch clients to any devices with a web-browser

Free Designer Included:

Launch unlimited, concurrent designers on any computer

Industry-Leading Support:

The industry’s best tech support and training

Easily Build Any Kind of Report

With powerful, easy-to-use tools for building dynamic, database-driven PDF reports with pixel-perfect layout, 

Ignition is perfect for creating virtually any kind of report, including: SCADA reporting, 

industrial project reports, production management reports, OEE and downtime tracking, SPC reports, 

QA reports, compliance reports, historical data analysis reports, and more.

Drag-and-Drop Report Designer

Dolphin Monitoring comes standard with the industry’s most powerful tools so you can build data-rich, sharp-looking reports with drag-and-drop ease. Define the data in your reports and specify any number of report parameters and data sources. Save on development time by using Dolphin Monitoring application’s object-oriented design environment to create a single dynamic report that can be used as many times as you want, across your enterprise.  

Connect to All Your Data

Dolphin Monitoring is a cross-platform communications hub built on trusted IT standards so it can connect to all your data. Dolphin Monitoring has seamless SQL database integration built right in, and it can connect to practically any PLC through OPC UA, and to ERP systems through web services, so you can access data from virtually any industrial device or enterprise system. Plus, Dolphin Monitoring comes standard with unlimited tags, and device and database connections, so you won’t break the bank doing it.

Combine All Your Data Together

Dolphin Monitoring combines all your data from multiple sources — SCADA, MES, ERP, and more — with powerful report-building tools into one integrated development environment. Pull together and combine your data from across your enterprise into one report, so you can see and stay connected with your processes like never before.

Get Incredible Insights with Query Tools

Easily Set Up Automatic Reporting

In addition to running reports on-demand you can also easily schedule reports to run automatically, or on event triggers, whether or not your client is open. You can also schedule reports to be delivered automatically via print, email, or as a file to save or upload to a chosen location.


Do Even More with Dolphin Monitoring Reporting Software

Export to Any Format

Easily export report in PDF, HTML, CSV, RTF, JPEG, PNG, and XML file formats.


Easily import existing reports and convert legacy reports.

Unlimited Clients

Deliver data to anyone without additional cost.

Instant Installs and Updates

Install on a server in just 3 minutes; push updates to clients everywhere, instantly.

Totally Cross-Platform

Works on Windows, Linux, macOS, and more.

SSL Security

Dolphin Monitoring can protect your data with ultra-secure SSL technology.

See How Dolphin Monitoring Can Help Your Business

Get fast answers and friendly advice in one-on-one, online demonstration of how to use  

Dolphin Monitoring to create the ideal reporting solution for your fleet.